What are the best websites for ielts preparation?

This post will discuss the best websites for ielts preparation and particularly benefit you if you are a test taker and planning to take the IELTS test soon. While preparing for the test, it is very important to understand which sources provide authentic information about the IELTS test. This will also help you clear all your doubts regarding the exam and attempt your test with confidence.


Where can you get the information from?


Nowadays, the internet is an answer to all the questions possible. The IELTS test is no exception for this. The internet is flooded with IELTS test resources. Few candidates get confused about the authenticity of these resources. Hence, here is an article that might help you in finding the best websites for ielts preparation.


The first and foremost thing to consider is that there are three organisations that jointly own  IELTS test and are the best websites for ielts preparation.


1. The Cambridge University
2. The British Council
3. The idp IELTS Australia.


The British Council and idp IELTS are the co – owners of the IELTS test.


There are three official websites from these  organisations.


The Cambridge University’s official website for IELTS.org


The British Council’s official website


Idp official website


It is important to understand the format and the structure of the test along with the requisites before you begin your preparation. Each of these above listed best websites for ielts preparation will help you in this.


Each of these three websites have a unique way of providing the information and materials for your practice. The Cambridge IELTS website different from the other two websites in the fact that you have to register on their official portal in order to get the access for some of the features of that website.


The websites, that is www.ielts.org, the British Council IELTS website and www.ieltsessentials.com are more or less similar in the way they provide the information.


The next feature that you have to understand is that you can register for your test on www.ielts.org as well as on the official website of the British Council. This is very important because the availability of slots differs from idp to British Council. So, if you want to book your test through British Council, then you have to login to their official website and do so. The same process also applies for the idp test registration.


You can get access to all the practice materials from the Cambridge official website for IELTS preparation. In order to get the materials and premium content, there is an additional step of registering on the official website of the Cambridge University. Even though this additional step is there, it is quite useful as the candidates can get authentic content from this website.


The paper for the real IELTS test is set by the experts at the Cambridge University. Hence, it is important for you to understand the format of the test, for which these are the best websites. In addition to the option of registering for the test, you can also get the answers for all the common and frequently asked questions about the IELTS test on any of these websites.


The first thing that you need to do if to select the module according to your need and requirement. If you are planning to continue your education in a foreign country where English is the main language that is spoken, then you have to choose the academic module.


On the other hand, you can take the general training IELTS test if you are planning to migrate and work in a foreign country. Remember that this decision is based on your requirement specifically.


The test is divided into 4 parts, which are the listening test, the reading test, the writing test and the speaking test respectively.


There is little or no difference between the speaking test and the listening test. The reading and writing test will differ based on the module taken. It is, therefore, significant for you to determine this factor before you download the practice materials available on these official websites and start your preparation.


You may browse these websites, especially www.ielts.org, where you will find that there are specific tabs for each of these test parts. Click on those tabs and that will take you to a screen where you can get individual download for each of the question types. This feature is also available on the official website of the British Council. All you need to do is spend a bit of time in doing the research on this website and then select on the particular item or the particular question type and download the relevant content. The answer key for these sample papers is also available as a pdf copy on the website itself.


The official website of the British Council is called www.roadtoielts.com. On this website, you can find all the necessary resources that can help you in your preparation. They are well organised so that the candidate will not face any difficulty in finding relevant materials. You will notice that the pattern of the real IELTS test mimics these materials.


If you notice, you will find that the writing and reading sections give you a clarity on what is the difference between the pattern for academic and the general training tests. Also, you can get a clear understanding about the factors which are used to evaluate your performance in the writing and the speaking tests. These factors are called band descriptors. On the official website of the idp as well as the British Council, you will get to see and download these tables for each of the band descriptors separately for speaking and writing.


In the test preparation, grammar also plays a major role. The British Council official website gives you an insight of the various elements of grammar which are required in order to get a high score in the IELTS test. It is important for you to learn and master all these elements and practically use them while writing the test.


Lastly, pronunciation plays a major role in evaluating your performance in the IELTS speaking test. You can browse for the accompanying downloads under some video clips that will help you in your test preparation, mainly from the British Council’s website.


You may also find the videos related to all the different question types in the IELTS test on www.worldofenglishexams.com. We have also made videos on each of the individual question types along with some frequently asked questions and vocabulary which may be of use in your test preparation.

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