Best YouTube channels for IELTS preparation

What are the best channels on YouTube for IELTS preparation?

best youtube channels for ielts preparation


Of the many sources that are available for the IELTS test preparation, YouTube stands in the first position. There is nothing which is not available on YouTube these days. Similarly, this powerful medium also helps you to get the score you desire. So, here is a post that can help you get a fair idea about some of the best YouTube channels for ielts preparation.
Before you decide on the channels that will be apt for your test preparation it is important to decide whether you are going to take the IELTS academic test or the IELTS general training test. Although the YouTube channel will definitely place a thumbnail to inform you the same, it is for you to decide the module that is suitable to you depending on your requirement.


Once you have finalized this, you may then browse for those channels which are giving authentic and accurate information about the IELTS test format and the various question types which are present in the test. Whether it is the IELTS academic test or the general training test, there are four parts. Equal importance is given to all these four parts while evaluating your performance.


1. Listening
2. Reading
3. Writing
4. Speaking


The listening and reading tests are based on objective type questions, and you will get one mark for each answer that you write correctly. There is no negative marking in any segment of the IELTS test, and this proves to be an advantage for candidates who prefer to take the IELTS test. The writing and the speaking test, however, are based on subjective matter. Hence, they require certain factors which can determine your score. These factors which are used in the assessment of the writing and speaking test are known as band descriptors.


Now, let us the have a look at the best Youtube channels for ielts preparation


1. LearnEnglish:

This is a YouTube channel run by the British Council. On this YouTube channel, you can find various trainers and other experts giving valuable insights in the form of videos about the various skills required for the IELTS test. For example, if you are looking particularly at improving your reading test score, you may browse those videos separately which mention the heading as IELTS reading on this YouTube channel. This YouTube channel all also provides the necessary training required to enrich your speaking skills in terms of pronunciation and vocabulary required the range of grammar and such other vital aspects. This YouTube channel will contain interactive videos that can be watched to get an idea of how the test is conducted and how it has to be attempted.


2. Idp education:

This is the YouTube channel run by idp, which is one of the three organisations that conduct the IELTS test. Therefore, you may be sure that the materials and the video tips that are provided on this YouTube channel are authentic and are necessary in order to get a high score in the IELTS test. The short videos available on this channel will not only save time but will also explain the concept as required for your test preparation.


3. Learn English with Emma (engVid):

If you are particularly looking at improving your grammar ability, then this YouTube channel is the right one for you as it provides videos related to various elements of Grammar along with those required for the IELTS test preparation in general. Also, you can find some last minute advice before you take the real test.


4. IELTS advantage:

This YouTube channel is also very effective in boosting your score in the IELTS test. This channel will provide detailed videos about each of the question types in the IELTS test along with providing videos showing the success stories and the real time experiences of candidates who have successfully achieved their desired scores in the IELTS test. This can help to boost your confidence.


5. World of English exams:

This channel helps you by providing detailed videos about each of the question types in the IELTS test along with examples taken from the Cambridge past papers. It will also help you in understanding the different strategies to crack the IELTS test. Each of the four parts of the IELTS test have been separately demarcated and explained through videos. The videos on the reading and writing segments on this channel are particularly popular.


6. IELTS Liz:

One of the most popular YouTube channels that candidates usually use while preparing for the IELTS test is IELTS Liz. There some short and brief videos which will explain about each of the test parts. You may also subscribe to their premium membership in order to get full access to all their videos.


7. E2

: This is another popular youTube channel that is helping many test takers. It is a channel which provides videos about each and every question type in the IELTS test. This YouTube channel is particularly helpful to improve your score in the writing part.


8. Magoosh IELTS:

This channel not only provides you the videos related to the test preparation, but it will also share some little tips and tricks relating to vocabulary. You can get to know the structure of how to write and how to solve the listening and reading test by watching their videos.


These websites provide the necessary information and resources required for your IELTS test preparation. As most of these YouTube channels are free, you may subscribe to all of them. Try to make the most of your time watching these YouTube channels and also make a note of any important points that you hear while watching the videos. Practice using the resources available on the official website along with these YouTube channels in order to achieve your desired score in the IELTS test. It is essential to understand that even though the resources are a little different when it comes to the strategies that are used to solve or answer the test, you will definitely get a fair idea about the test.

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