Free resources for IELTS preparation.

Free resources for IELTS preparation


Are you preparing for the IELTS exam and struggling to find the right resources for your preparation. I hope this article will help you find some of the best websites, YouTube channels which not only offer practice material but also practice tests, Evaluation and training programs.

  1. British Council
  2. Road to IELTS
  3. IELTS essentials
  4. IELTS Buddy
  5. IELTS Tutorials
  6. IELTScdt
  7. IELTS Liz
  8. IELTS practice
  9. Canada Visa
  10. IELTS podcast
  11. Magoosh
  12. IELTS Online (Macquarie Uni)
  13. Grammarly ( Writing tool)
  14. IELTS Simon
  15. engVID
  16. e2 ielts
  17. IELTS Online test
  18. IELTS.com.au
  19. Graid
  20. Accioblbis (Writing Evaluation)
  21. idpielts.me
  23. Mini-ielts
  24. Kaplan test prep
  26. World of English exams
  27. IELTS Advantage
  28. IELTS Practice test material pdf


The best books recommended for IELTS preparation.

The best YouTube channels for IELTS preparation.

Official & Authentic websites for IELTS preparation.



Listed are the 28 best free resources for IELTS preparation. Use the resources to familiarise yourself with the IELTS test format and practice.
Most of the free practice tests offered by many of the mentioned portals also offer the scoring for the candidates. Few of the resources provide individual practice tests for the four modules of the IELTS test.

Apart from the above-listed free resources for IELTS preparation, If you find any other IELTS preparation material which is useful for IELTS preparation, kindly share the links in the comment section. I will add those links for the benefit of IELTS test takers.

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  1. Good initiative.keep it up

  2. Hi there
    Im asking for the best matrials for ielts general task one and two
    I would be appreciate if u could guide me about it
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