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The IELTS advantages and disadvantages of an essay paper are one of the many inquiry types that can be posed in your IELTS writing module. There are three things to recall when writing formative sections for this sort of article.

  • Each section in the body talks about one part of the primary point.
  • Each point in the sections should discuss the favorable circumstances and orchestrate them in a logical order in order to have an appropriate stream.
  • The formative passages ought to have coherence and flow. The controlling thought in the formative section should recall the central thought in the proposition explanation.


Organizing the ielts advantages and disadvantages essay

When you are writing the task 2 answers, a structure based on the following elements could be used: an introductory paragraph, body paragraph, and a concluding paragraph.

The following is the fundamental structure to follow while writing an essay.

Essay organization for paragraph 1 – Advantages

A topic sentence is the primary concern of the section. This ought to incorporate a proper connective word.

Supporting sentence 1 – Logical inference

Supporting sentence 2 – Examples

Supporting sentence 3 – Summary

Essay organization for paragraph 2 – Disadvantages

A topic sentence is the primary concern of the section. This ought to incorporate a proper connective word.

Supporting sentence 1 – Logical inference

Supporting sentence 2 – Examples

Supporting sentence 3 – Summary

Conclusion (2-3 sentences)

A connecting word

A rundown of the primary points, or a rephrasing of your thesis in various words.

Your last remark/assessment regarding the matter on the data previously

Note that for an advantage-disadvantage essay, the conclusion can be inclining towards one side of the idea or summarizing both the ideas in one statement which can be up to 2 sentences.

Planning your essay

Before you begin to compose your essay, you need to gather your reasons, models, or thoughts identified with the theme, and you need to design your presentation and body passages. This is the most significant piece of composing. Recall a decent author consistently knows where and when to complete a bit of composing prior to beginning to compose.

While conceptualizing thoughts, attempt to take a gander at the theme from various purposes of perspectives. For instance, if the theme is about whether understudies should wear uniforms at school, attempt to take a gander at it from the social, financial, social, and mental purposes of perspectives. Don’t simply depend on what you actually may think about the issue. Assemble your thoughts, organize them, and make a decent activity plan. In the event that a topic appears to be troublesome, attempt to locate some applicable models for it and afterward discover a title for the models you have found.



Here is the tip of ideal planning for Task 2( watch idea generation techniques for ielts writing task 2) . In the event that you can’t make it for the first couple of your works, don’t freeze. It will require some investment and practice to arrive at a decent level.

You don’t need to be an author to compose a decent essay. This assignment may look much harder than letters or diagrams; however, it is just an early introduction. Simply observe the guidelines, keep the correct structure, and utilize some shrewd and point explicit words. Practice a bit. This way, you can without much of a stretch arrive at a level, where regardless of what subject they give you, following 40 minutes, you can turn a delightful 2 pages essay and leave the exam with a tremendous grin all over!

Let us look at some sample essays. Take a good look and understand the whys and hows of drafting your essay.

Model 1 (ielts advantages and disadvantages)

There are more vehicles on the streets nowadays and more mishaps. Thus, a few legislators have proposed that individuals should step through ordinary driving examinations for the duration of their lives, as opposed to one single test.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this phenomenon?

Advantages (merits)

  1. Useful if there should be an occurrence of more seasoned drivers
  1. Good for individuals who don’t drive routinely
  1. Keep drivers in the know regarding street rules
  1. Raises driving guidelines
  1. May keep youngsters from driving excessively quick
  1. Reduce mishaps

Disadvantages (demerits)

  1. Extra costs
  1. Learner drivers may need to stand by longer for a test
  1. It may not be conceivable to incorporate a composed test without fail
  1. Difficult to sort out

 Model 2 (ielts advantages and disadvantages)

In some countries, people are forced to retire when they reach a certain age. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this?

Mandatory retirement is normal in numerous nations when individuals from the labor force arrive at 65 or 70, and this has the two advantages and disadvantages as will presently be thought of.

The fundamental favorable position of expecting individuals to find employment elsewhere at a specific age is that it gives occasions to more youthful individuals from staff to join the organization, regularly implying that the organization profits by having lower wages to pay for the newcomer and furthermore having more youthful, possibly more unique workers. This thusly could well give the organization the necessary lift to keep being beneficial.

Another bit of leeway is that some more established individuals may decide to continue working more habitually than pleasure, and subsequently, a compulsory retirement may urge them to make the most of their life more, having the spare chance to participate in diversions and interests, for example, cultivating, which they might not possess recently had energy for up to that point.

However, there are huge drawbacks to constrained retirement. More seasoned staff individuals regularly have more insight and may want to find employment elsewhere. Expecting them to leave could mean an ability deficiency for the organization just as a sensation of discontent from the worker. Added to that is the rising number of more established individuals and the resulting channel on assets on the off chance that they are not working; if there are all the more older individuals on annuities or different advantages, the expanded taxation rate falls on the more youthful age.

To recap, there are both social and monetary advantages in permitting more established individuals to stay in business if so wanted, so obligatory retirement would not be suggested.

(282 words)

A 250-300 word essay is an acceptable word count.

 Model 3 (ielts advantages and disadvantages)

Computers have changed the way people study. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using computers as study aids?

Advancements in innovation have had a critical effect on the manner by which individuals can learn, and however this is generally advantageous, there are additionally some negative perspectives that will likewise be thought of.

Starting with the positive focuses, the capacity to work on evaluations and coursework on a personal computer (PC) implies that work can be saved securely and shipped here and there. Prior to the appearance of PCs, understudies customarily had records and organizers with their course notes, and this took up a lot of room and was hard to monitor; presently, complete talk notes and considerably more can be put away on a blaze drive that can be effortlessly placed in a pocket or pack.

Similarly, talks and learning material can be made accessible web based, taking into consideration a sight and sound instructive climate. This is probably going to draw in a more extensive scope of understudies as it can cook for a more extensive scope of learning styles. For instance, a few understudies concentrate best by more than once tuning in to an educator, and this would now be able to be accomplished all the more helpfully by having recordings accessible.

On the other hand, there are events where data put away carefully can be erased, overwritten, or undermined, all circumstances that don’t happen on customary paper-based work. There is additionally the worry that material can be collected from the Internet and made look like the understudies’ own work, making literary theft a possible issue. Notwithstanding, the idea of counterfeiting has for quite some time been an issue, and there are PC programs accessible today that will pinpoint the wellspring of non-unique work.

In conclusion, although there are potential disadvantages, they are outweighed by the positives.

(289 words)

A 250-300 word essay is an acceptable word count.

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