IELTS READING Matching Information to the paragraph

IELTS READING Matching Information to the paragraph

In IELTS Reading Matching Information to the paragraph question type for both Academic and General Module, in the reading text, you are asked to fit statements with paragraphs.

The statements may be grounds, descriptions, summaries, definitions, facts, or explanations. It doesn’t really matter what they are. In the reading test, you are not expected to have any specialist knowledge.

You don’t have to understand what the whole article is about, only find specific details and link it to one of the statements in the section. Typically, the answer is found in a whole sentence or expression, rather than a single word.


That is the technique I have suggested. There are a number of different approaches and the one you are confident with should be used. This strategy can also be tailored to what suits you.

  • Carefully read the instructions.
  • Next, read the questions. Think of synonyms and how the statements can be paraphrased. This is going to help you find the answer. You will help to say any sentence in your own terms.
  • Skim the text read quickly to try and grasp the text’s general meaning.
  • Read the statements of the question again and guess the response in which paragraph.
  • Check the paragraphs of the text that you think can contain the synonym response. If you consider a possible answer, emphasize that.
  • Check back with the statement of the question and if correct, mark the answer. If not, please proceed to other paragraphs.


 For More Tips And Strategies Watch The Video Below.

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