IELTS READING True False Not Given

IELTS READING True False Not Given

IELTS Reading True, False, Not Given for both Academic and General Module allows you to determine whether or not the information is true in a message. A variety of factual statements will be given to you and you will verify the text to see if it is accurate or not.

The most important thing to remember is what actually means the words true, false, and not given,and therefore what IELTS wants you to write.

  • If the text agrees with or supports the information contained in the sentence, the answer is TRUE.
  • If the document contradicts or is contradictory to the information contained in the sentence, the answer is FALSE.
  • If no information is available or it is not known, the answer is NOT GIVEN.

True, False, Not Given Strategy 

This is the approach I have suggested. There are a lot of different approaches and the one you feel comfortable with should be used. This strategy can also be adapted to what suits you.

  • Please read carefully the instructions to make sure that you know if it is case of TRUE FALSE NO GIVEN or YES NO NO GIVEN.
  • Carefully read all the sentences, trying to understand what the entire sentence says, rather than just highlighting keywords. Look out for words like some or always to submit.
  • Try to think about what might be synonyms in the message. This will allow you to recognize the corresponding text element.
  • Compare the sentence with the right part of the message.
  • Reflect again on the sentence and then read the corresponding portion of the text carefully to decide whether it is true or false. Note, if it is valid, the interpretation should be exactly the same as the argument.
  • Underline the words that give you the answer, this will help you concentrate and you can check back later. Again, be careful that there are no words in the text that qualify.
  • If the answer can not be found, mark it as ‘ not given ‘ and proceed to the next question.
  • If you are uncertain or unable to find the answer, mark it as ‘ not given. ‘


For More Tips And Strategies watch the Video Below.


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