IELTS Writing task Conclusion



IELTS Writing task conclusion :

Conclusion meaning – The end or finish of an event, process, or text.

When you write the essay in IELTS writing task 2 you need to conclude the essay and its the last section of your task 2 essay. It concludes the essay and indicates the end of your essay.

Points to remember while writing the IELTS Writing task 2 conclusion.

  1. The conclusion is mandatory for every essay.
  2. Don’t write a long Conclusion. Keep it short and brief.
  3. Summarise the main points that are discussed in the essay.
  4. One or two sentences are enough.
  5. No new ideas should be introduced in the paragraph.
  6. Just rephrase the introduction using synonyms.
  7. Don’t copy word to word from question instead paraphrase.



Linking words which can be used for concluding the IELTS writing task

To conclude

To sum up,

In conclusion,

To reciprocate



Avoid using these words in Conclusion paraphrase.


All in all (Informal)

In a nutshell (Informal)


To end the discussion

In the end

The bottom line is

The Crux of the discussion is


The following video explains how to write  Conclusion for different types of Essays.


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