OET test format.

OET Test Format

OET is specially designed for healthcare professionals. It is recognized and accepted by various medical professionals, institutions, and organizations around the world. OET test format consists of 4 sub-tests such as listening, reading, writing and speaking.



The OET listening sub-test consists of two parts. In part A, the candidate will be asked to listen to a recorded health professional-patient consultation and will be asked to complete a note regarding the task. The purpose of the consultation task is to assess the candidate’s ability to follow the facts during a consultation.

In part B, the candidate will listen to a recorded speech given by a healthcare professional and asked to complete various tasks such as multiple choice questions, short answer questions, summary completion, tables, flowcharts, matching, sentence completion etc. This test is to assess the candidate’s ability to listen and understand the healthcare topic. The certified examiners evaluate the answers and the scores are double checked for accuracy.



The OET reading sub-test consists of two parts. The candidate should complete the test within 60 minutes. In part A, the candidate should read 3-4 short texts related to a given topic of 650 words each and asked to summarize the topic within 15 minutes. This test is to assess the candidate’s ability to describe or summarize the source information in a meaning way.

In part B, the candidate will be asked to read and understand the comprehensive texts based  on healthcare topics given from academic or various journals. They should read two passages of 600-800 word and answer set of multiple choice questions within 45 minutes. The purpose of the reading test is to assess the candidate’s ability in understanding the information, presentation of data and understanding the passages and sentences given from various healthcare topics. Certified, trained and qualified examiners evaluate the scores of reading sub-test.



In the OET test format- writing sub-test, candidates are asked to write a letter, which is a referral letter. They are asked to write different letters such as a letter of discharge, a letter to advice or inform a patient, a letter of transfer etc. Another special task for each profession based on workplace situation and on the demands of the profession. The time given to complete the test is 45 minutes.

The writing sub-test is evaluated independently by two trained examiners and neither of the examiners knows what scores the other has given to the candidate. The performance of the candidate is evaluated on the basis of task fulfillment, English fluency, presentation features, spelling, and grammar errors.



The OET test format- speaking test is to assess the speaking abilities of the candidate. In this test, candidates are asked to play roles related to their profession while the interlocuter plays as a client or a patient. This test is taken individually about 20 minutes. And then there will be a conversation regarding their professional background. There will be 2-3 minutes to prepare for each role play.

The performance of the candidate is evaluated based on the overall communication, fluency, appropriateness, grammar, expression and pronunciation.

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