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PTE Academic


PTE (Academic) stands for Pearson tests of English. PTE Academic is a computer-based English language test for the students who want to study abroad and immigrate. It is used to assess the reading, listening, writing and speaking skills of non-native English speakers.

PTE Academic is one of the world’s leading computer-based tests of English. It is used to assess the candidate’s skills in listening, reading, writing and speaking, which are necessary to study abroad and immigration purposes. This test is conducted via computer and the time given to complete the test is 3 hours. It is completely computer-based examination. The candidate must use a computer and headset to listen, to read and write the answers to the questions given in all sections. PTE academic exam is endorsed by the graduate management admission council.

PTE Academic Listening Test:
The candidate should listen to the recordings and answer to a series of questions. In this section, the questions are based on either audio or video clip, which are played only once.
In PTE academic reading, the candidate should answer the questions given from various books, newspapers, advertisements, academic subjects and many more.
PTE Academic Speaking Test:
The text appears on the screen. The candidate should repeat the text loudly. The other tasks in this section are a repetition of the sentence after listening to a recording, description of chart appeared on the screen, explanation or retelling of the lecture after listening to or watching a lecture and answering the questions with a single word or few words after listening to a question.
There are twenty different question formats like multiple choices, essay writing and interpreting information.The listening, reading and writing tests are conducted in one session on a computer. While in the speaking test, the candidate’s voice is recorded and will be sent for evaluating the result.
The scores are calculated against the global scale of English, which gives an accurate performance of the test-maker who want to study abroad. The global scale of English is a scale, which ranges from 10-90. The overall score on this scale gives the accurate assessment of the English fluency.
The scores are accepted for the admissions in the universities like London Business school (UK), Harvard Business school, Stanford Graduate school of Business and Yale University in the United States. Some of the other countries like Spain, France, and China also accept the PTE Academic results.

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